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The paths of the Resistance that pass through the places that surround Collio are three: the Perlasca path, one of the most challenging of the series of hiking trails dedicated to the Resistance in Brescia, being about 40 km long; the Corno Barzò path, the highest peak of the Paio mountains between the upper Valle Trompia and the upper Valle Sabbia; the Brigate Ermanno Margheriti path, located mostly in the town of Collio.

Trail Sentiero “Brigata Fiamme Verdi – Giacomo Perlasca”

The trail is one of the most challenging of the series of hiking trails dedicated to the Resistance in Brescia, being about 40 km long, so it is advisable to divide it into two parts. Along the way there are places where there were fallen soldiers: the Casinello di Paio Alto, where Amerigo Bagozzi was barbarously slaughtered unarmed and already wounded, and Presegno where the same fate befell Giovanni Garzoni. Although this excursion winds in the territories of two municipalities, Pertica Bassa and Lavenone, it is appropriate to undertake it from Forno d'Ono (507mt).

Trail Sentiero “Corno Barzò”

The path of this trail generally winds along the edge of the ridge, tracing, for the most part, the tracks of the hunters, with challenging yet short climbs, passing between overhanging rocky outcrops and high mugho vegetation, in the middle of which suspended passages have been created. On the grassy stretches the track has been redesigned, with easy passages and wide steps, safe from possible landslides, at least in the seasons between late spring and early autumn. It is not equipped, being the use of hands necessary only in some stretch considered alpinistically not even half a degree of difficulty. No particular equipment is needed, except for a stick or an ice axe to hold on to in some stepped passages, and in the steep final descent, to avoid slipping or as a support in the short climbs. It is best to start it from Passo Portole (m 1726) and finish it on the 3V coming from Pezzeda to go back to the starting point and use the support of Capanna Tita Secchi. The path is located almost entirely in the territory of the municipality of Lavenone, except for the short initial stretch bordering the municipality of Bagolino, and on the watershed ridge with the municipality of Collio Valtrompia..

Trail Sentiero “Brigata Fiamme Verdi – Ermanno Margheriti”

The Brigate Ermanno Margheriti trail is mostly located in the municipality of Collio. Leaving the means of transport in the parking lot of Busana (890 m), you start counterclockwise to face the first half of the path, which, except for a few false floors, is all uphill. Crossed the bridge over the river Mella, you walk on a comfortable mule track, passing on the left of two farms and then reaching a crossroads where, on the left, starts the variant for the Passo Pezzeda Mattina, and on the right, with a hundred meters you reach the village Pantaghino. Here, turn decisively to the left and you'll reach the roccolo Crispe and the Blachì 1 refuge with a rapid direttissima. This roccolo, mainly garrisoned by the group of S.Colombano, was for the Margheriti Brigade an important base of connection between the bottom of the valley and the main site of the Pezzede. Now it is the junction station of the ski lifts from Collio. From here, first in the pine forest and then on the meadows of the alpine pasture, you reach, on a good path, Pezzeda Sera where there are two comfortable refreshments: Rifugio Larice (Tonassi) and Rifugio Blachì 2. After crossing the 3V, continue on a slight slope towards Pezzeda Mattina (at the time the headquarters of the Brigade). Here too, the farmhouses of the time were, in certain periods, like those of Pezzeda Sera, the concentration strongholds of the Margheriti. From the pass of the same name (1613 m), where the "Perlasca" path crosses and the road of the soldiers begins, a mule track winds for a short stretch on the Valsabian side that allows you to reach the Prael Pass (1710 m), where, close to the farmhouse Sacù (command base of the Perlasca Brigade, deployed in this area and that can be glimpsed now ruined in the plain below) begins, between steep slopes and rock pinnacles, the ascent to Corna Blacca. With a last climb, you reach its western ridge on the triumplino slope, from which, crossing some falsipiani and the ridge watershed of the two valleys, you are in short on the peak (m 2005). Next to the pylon, trigonometric point, stands the memorial stone of the Brigade Margheriti in memory of its fallen, ideally united in memory. Continuing for a few more hundred meters you reach the second peak, where stands the cross placed in memory of Don Bonomini. From the summit, following the 3V, high variant, you join the road of the soldiers that connects, with the low variant of the 3V, the Prael Pass with the Portole Pass. Past the meadowy saddle of Paio (1685 m), you skirt the vertical walls of Corno Barzò, where shortly afterwards the path of the Resistance coming from Corno Barzò and that of the Perlasca Brigade from the Casinello di Paio Alto meet

The overhanging Passo Portole (1726 m) is also the meeting point with the Mughi path. Resuming the path on the mule-track that goes to the Dosso Alto pass, leave it at the first grassy saddle on the left, to descend on a good path among the mughi, to the Malga Zerle (1477 m), from whose clearing, on the left you enter an extensive fir-wood until Malga Barzò (1473 m). From here, passing near the farmhouses of Paghera (m 1239) you reach Bocafol (m 1016) and then with a slight descent through Bondegno you reach the center of S.Colombano (m 929). Beyond the square you can see the characteristic chapel, built like a cave, dedicated to S.Barbara, particularly dear to the miners.

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