Open Ski Slopes Maniva

Here you will find an overview of all open slopes in Maniva. The status is daily updated

Maniva offers plenty of space with its 40 km of unique slopes. Maniva a holiday destination for skiers who love diversity and would like to get to know a skiing area that is perfect for families with children as well as offering beautiful slopes. The Maniva ski area is composed of two zones: Passo Maniva and Dasdana areas which you can access using just one ski pass. Maniva skiing area and is a beloved starting point for beginners and families whose children are taking their first ‘steps’ on skis, from school slopes to blue slopes, but it also rapresent an incredible skiing place for advanced skier with a lot of red and black slopes like the famous Zocchi with his magnificent landscape.

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Maniva Open Slopes
Number of open slopes 0 (Tot. 18)
Uphill facilities are open since 23/12/23
Uphill facilities will presumably be open until 31/03/24
Status Slope Name Level Open/Close
School Slope Chalet Easy closed
School Slope Bagolino Easy closed
Persech 1 Medium closed
Persech 2 Medium closed
Barard Medium closed
Malga Maniva Medium closed
Bretella Alta Barard-Persech Easy closed
Bretella Bassa Barard-Persech Easy closed
Rientro Barard-Persech Easy closed
Zocchi Hard closed
Bretella Barard-Persole Easy closed
Panoramica Dasdana-Zocchi Easy closed
Persole-Dasdana Medium closed
Skiweg Persole-Dasdana Easy closed
Bretella Dasdana Medium closed
Bretella Persole Medium closed
Rientro Barard-Bonardi Easy closed
BOB e Slitte Easy closed

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