Ski Exploration in Maniva

Ski touring allows you to reach unique viewpoints during winter in the Maniva Ski Area

Have you ever experienced the thrill of enjoying snowy landscapes in an unspoiled and unique environment? Ski touring is the most authentic way to enjoy the mountains and the wonders they offer during the winter. Skis and climbing skins are the key ingredients for a day of physical activity and wonder. Explore unique and untouched landscapes, immerse yourself in the white of the snow and the blue of the sky. All your efforts will be absolutely rewarded the moment you ski down!

Ask for the EsplORA ski pass at the ticket office!

For ski mountaineers it is possible to ask at the ticket office for the EsplORA ski pass!
With the two-hour ski pass you can reach the highest part of the ski area with the lifts. Arriving comfortably at 2000 m without fatigue you can start your hike full of energy and return comfortably on skis!
ATTENTION: Always check the snow and avalanche report before going on a snowshoeing trip. Mandatory to be equipped with ARTVa, shovel and probe. Bring all necessary equipment with you. Inquire about the route you intend to take and notify friends and family. Ascent and descent are at your own risk and responsibility.

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