Trekking Sette Crocette

Diffculty: Easy

Duration: 6 hours round trip

Start/Arrive: Hotel Bonardi

Altitude Difference: 690 m

Distance: 18,5 Km

Maniva hiking summer
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Hotel Bonardi on Maniva is the starting and finishing point of this magnificent, not-too-demanding itinerary, which takes you up to the famous Seven Crosses Pass. From there you will turn around and enjoy the same beautiful landscapes you saw on the way up from a different perspective.

From the Bonardi Hotel you climb up the road to the Crocedomini Pass, you can decide whether to follow the asphalt road or go up to the Dasdana Chalet and descend a short way down the road to the Casermone. From there you take the obvious mule track that runs above the Casermone.

This high-altitude trail runs in the shadow of the four Columbines, a series of elevations that reach 2214 meters in elevation-they are the highest elevation in the area-positioned along a ridge from Mt. Dasdana to the Clusona schooner, the northern watershed between the Trompia and Camonica Valleys.
Following the mule track until we arrive at a plateau, we crossed in long the four columbines that rise clearly visible to our left.
From here instead of continuing on the mule track, take a path to the left and follow it all the way to the Seven Crosses Pass.

Reaching the Pass the view is 360 degrees, really special! Don't forget to take a photo in front of the small dry-stone wall with seven iron crosses embedded in it - the originals were made of wood, later replaced with the presently visible, stronger ones - and a memorial stone bearing an engraving dated 1688. Several legends are linked to this place: some versions refer to stories of witchcraft, while others tell of the killing of seven people by bandits or shepherds.
Leave this archaic monument behind and retrace your steps!
If you still have an appetite for adventure you can walk all the way along the Colombine ridge until you reach Mount Dasdana and descend to Chalet Dasdana. Otherwise you can take the mule track you followed on the way up and from there descend back to Hotel Bonardi.

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