Trekking Punta Setteventi

Diffculty: Hard

Duration: 6:30 hours round trip

Start/Arrive: Chalet Maniva or Hotel Bonardi

Altitude Difference: 940 m

Distance: 20 Km

Maniva hiking summer
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Definitely a long and challenging trek, not to be underestimated though is also the beauty of the landscapes that will parade before your eyes! The effort is 100% repaid. The starting and arrival point is the Hotel Locanda Bonardi, on Mount Maniva.

From here a first (short) ascent and an easy descent awaits you, leading to the Dasdana waterfalls, where you can catch your breath before tackling the ascent to Monte Matto (2201m a.s.l.) and reaching Punta Setteventi (2250m a.s.l.). The view is truly spectacular! You will recognize in front of you - looking westward - Dosso dei Galli, Punta dell'Auccia, and Pizzo Mortaio. Turning southward, on the other hand, here is Mount Dasdana and Dasdanino.

A little further on here is Grapa di Vaia and the Malga of the same name, where you can find for sale a delicious cheese produced during the summer period. The last stretch retraces the track of the outward journey, taking you back-once you have overcome the 200 m climb-to Hotel Bonardi. Have a well-deserved rest!

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