Trekking Dosso Alto Corna Blacca

Diffculty: Hard

Duration: 7 hours round trip

Start/Arrive: Chalet Maniva or Hotel Bonardi

Altitude Difference: 990 m

Distance: 13,5 Km

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Here is a challenging but equally exciting trek! The ascent to Dosso Alto is tough, the gradients severe (in 600 meters you accomplish a 200-meter elevation gain!), you need good stamina and a good dose of courage because some sections are quite exposed.
For this tour you can start from Hotel Bonardi or from Chalet Maniva, leaving from Chalet Maniva the distance is shortened by about 40 min between round trip. However, the difficulties are concentrated at the beginning of the Tour, on the first climb to the summit of Dosso Alto, so you will face them with your energy still full!
The effort is repaid by the beauty of these mountains, called the "Little Brescian Dolomites" because of the limestone rock outcrops that characterize them.

Having said goodbye to Dosso Alto, you can enjoy the magnificent descent and loosen your legs on the three kilometers of up and downs that precede the second climb of the day, the one leading to the Corna Blacca summit. This behemoth of layered limestone, clad to the top by mountain pines, is a truly iconic peak and probably the mountain dearest to the people of Brescia. Stop to admire the view of the lakes (Lake Iseo, Lake Idro and the more distant Lake Garda) and the two valleys: the Val Trompia and the Val Sabbia.

The second half of the itinerary does not present any particular difficulty: having arrived at the bottom of the descent - at the foot of Cima Caldoline - the trail briefly rejoins the outward one before bending to the left and taking you back to the Maniva with small up and down defaticating climbs.
All that remains is for you to enjoy a well-deserved rest and replenish your energy with a good aperitif at Hotel Locanda Bonardi!
It is possible to tackle the routes separately, climbing only the summit of Dosso Alto or Corna Blacca.

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