Trekking dei Bivacchi

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 5 days

Start: Collio

Length: 64 Km

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The excursion develops almost entirely inside the Area Vasta Valle Grigna, while a small part is inside the area FDR Vaia. A total of 5 stages with departure and arrival from the town of Collio for a total length of about 64 km.

Discover the Trail

Five days in the restful green of woods and pastures through Capanna Remedio, Bivacco Bassi, Bivacco Grazzini and Bivacco Vaia di fondo. The hiker begins his adventure from Valle Trompia, closed by the embrace of the other two main Brescian valleys: Valle Camonica and Valle Sabbia. On the second day, crossing the ridge, the hiker enters the catchment basin of the Camonica Valley and remains there for the entire third day. Only on the fourth day do we enter, through the Giogo dela Bala pass, into Valle Sabbia to finally return to Collio V.T. on the last day.

Step 1: from Collio (m 840) to Capanna Remedio (m 1453) Km 13.7 From Collio to Memmo, Fiale, Malga Sarle Superiore (m 1530), Malga Cigoleto, Capanna Remedio.

Step 2: from Capanna Remedio (m 1420) to Bivacco Bassi m 1919) Km 10.3 From Capanna Remedio to Baita Prada (m 1709), Malga Stabil Solato (m 1774), Malga Poffe Stabil Fiorito (m 1917), Passo Sette Crocette (m 2041), Nicchia San Glisente, Bivacco Bassi (m1919).

Step 3: from Bivacco Bassi (m 1919) to Bivacco Grazzini (m 2020) Km 12. 7 From Bivacco Bassi to Nicchia San Glisente (m 1980), Malga Cascinetto Val Gabbia (m 1870), Malga Silter Val Gabbia (m 1665), Pozza Pian delle Assi (m 1750), Malga Val Bresciana (m 1790), Malga Val Brescianina (m 1830), Malga Stabil Fiorito (m 1896), Malga Ma (m 1884), Goletto Ma (m 1955),Valle Cludona (m 1916), Bivacco Grazzini (m 2020).

Step 4: from Bivacco Grazzini (m 2020) to Bivacco Vaia di Fondo (m 1716) Km 11.7 From Bivacco Grazzini (m 2020), Malga Craparo di Sotto (m 1873), Malga Ravenola Vaga (m 1895), Malga. Mai (m 1811), Malga Ravenola Soliva (m 1993), Goletto Giogo dela Bala (m 2140), Grapa di Vaia (m 2114), Lago Vaia (m 1910), Malga Vaia di Mezzo (m 1851), Bivacco Vaia di Fondo (m 1716).

Step 5: from Bivacco Vaia di Fondo (m 1716) to Collio (m 840) Km 14,6 From Bivacco Vaia di Fondo (m 1716) to Bonom, Malga Dasdana Busa (m 1809), Dasdana Lake (m 1875), Malga Dasdana (m 1986), Dasdana Pass (m 2070), Pian delle Baste (m 2025), Pes de Cugni (m 1660), Poffe, Tizio, Collio.

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