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8 skilift and chairlift, and 40Km of ski slopes

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9 skilifts and chairlfts, and 40Km of ski slopes, discovery now our ski area.

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Maniva Ski Lifts

Name Type
Chairlift 4 seats Persech Length 900 meters Close
Chairlift 2 seats Dasdana Length 1350 meters Close
Chairlift 2 seats Barard Length 1350 meters Close
Skilift Zocchi Length 1100 meters Close
Tapis Roulant Chalet Length 150 meters Close
Tapis Roulant Bagolino Length 200 meters Close
Tapis Roulant Bob Slope Length 150 meters Close

Ski Slopes

Name Type
Slope Persech 1 Length 1400 meters Close
Slope Persech 2 Length 1900 meters Close
Slope Malga Maniva Length 1500 meters Close
Slope Barard Length 2000 meters Close
Bretella High Barard - Persech Length 700 meters Close
Bretella Low Chalet - Barard Length 700 meters Close
Back Barard - Persech Length 1200 meters Close
Slope Zocchi* Length 3500 meters Close
Bretella Barard - Persole Length 3500 meters Close
Slope Panoramica Dasdana - Zocchi Length 4500 meters Close
Slope Persole Dasdana Length 2500 meters Close
Ski-Weg Dasdana - Bonardi - Persech Length 3500 meters Close
Bretella Dasdana Length 2000 meters Close
Bretella Persole Length 2000 meters Close
Rientro Barard - Bonardi Length 1000 meters Close
School Slope Chalet Length 300 meters Close
School Slope Bagolino Length 300 meters Close
Slope BOB and Sleight* Length 400 meters Close

* Slopes open only in the weekend

Maniva Area Ski Map

9 ski lifts and chairlifts and more than 40Km of ski slopes

Maniva Ski mappa delle piste e impianti di risalita

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Download Ski Slopes Map